Jakarta Aquarium

Project Timeline: 2016 - 2018

  • Large Grouper at Jakarta Aquarium
  • Acrylic Bread Bin style Coral Aquarium in Jakarta Aquarium
  • Life Support System pumps at Jakarta Aquarium
  • Large Sand Filters as part of the life Support System
  • large Freshwater Aquarium at Jakarta Aquarium
  • Freshwater Otter Exhibit at Jakarta Aquarium
  • Otter close up at Jakarta Aquarium
  • Large Reef tank at Jakarta Aquarium

Perculas were engaged as the Lead Project Aquarium specialists, designers and project managers for this project.

As lead project designers Perculas provided the following aquarium services:

- Schematic and concept design
- Full Life support system design
- Acrylic sizing and design
- Waterproofing design
- Rockwork and Theming design
- Client Construction representative
- Commissioning and sign off